What makes our school meaningful?

The Jundokan School is part of an international organization called Jundokan International.  It has approximately 25 countries afiliated, and the students receive an education from a global perspective.

Jundokan holds a philosophy and tradition that have transcended generations (from teacher to student), concerned about instilling the construction of a society.

Our program includes:

- Instilling a positive attitude
- Building self-confidence and high self-esteem
- Teaching the importance of strong values in order to build character
   and discipline
- Promoting the desire to learn
- Improving concentration
- Developing self-discipline
- Learning self-defense

Karate - Do signifies:

"Empty hand," the art of self-defense without weapons (to challenge yourself to be better every day)

Goju - Ryu signifies:

Go = strong
Ju = kind
Ryu = school

DOJO KUN (Ethics Code)

- Be humble and polite
- Train considering your physical strength
- Practice earnestly with creativity
- Be calm and swift
- Take care of your health
- Live  a plain life
- Do not be too proud or modest
- Continue your training with patient

January 2 - Classes Begin
February - Metropolitan Championship.
Children - Youth
March 22 - Kyu Exams
March - International Seminar for Instructors .
Miami Florida U.S.A.
June (6, 7 and 8) - Gasshuku Peru 2013 XXVIII ANNIVERSARY.
International Seminar karate, directs:
"Sensei Teruo Chinen 9th Dan Black belt.
Exponent Jundokan International" .
Assists: Sensei Armando Martinez.
Participants: Children - Youth - Adults.
Jundokan members.
Location: Jundokan school
June 28 - Kyu Exams
September 2 -Call for Jundokan Delegation "Youth Gasshuku 2013".
Miami - Florida U.S.A..
September 20 - Kyu Exams
October 11 - International Seminar Intensive Style Children.
"Youth Gasshuku 2013" Miami - Florida U.S.A..
Directs: Sensei Armando Martinez.
December 13 - Kyu Exams
December 14 - Christmas Donations
December 17 -Last Day of School

* This program has been developed for the benefit of students.
*Los alumnos adicionalmente participaran en Torneos Nacionales (Fechas por confirmar).

Copyright 2006. Todos los derechos Reservados.
Lima - Peru
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